More and more businesses are now shifting to modern, efficient lighting systems that not only help them save money on power and energy but also boost staff productivity and enhance the customer experience.

However, business owners in Gary may find themselves facing a number of roadblocks when shifting to a modern lighting system. Below are a few helpful tips to have a smoother retrofit and make the most of your new lighting system.

Get Updated with Local Building and Energy Requirements

Some states and cities have building and energy requirements and regulations for businesses to follow. It’s better to check the most recent requirements so you’ll know if the new lighting system you want to install is compliant. You don’t want to invest in a new lighting system only to find out that it’s not up to code or compliant with local laws.

Choose Lights Bulbs with Lower Power Density

When retrofitting your light system, choose light bulbs with a lower lighting power density. This helps you reduce the amount of energy needed to light an area without compromising brightness.

Traditionally, dimmers have been used to adjust the brightness of fluorescent bulbs and reduce power consumption. However, this is a costly method. These days, modern construction projects often use LEDs as they use less power to produce the same brightness. You’re better off choosing LED retrofits than any other light bulb in the market for your retrofits.

Flexibility Is Key

When choosing a replacement lighting system, think about how flexible it is.

For example, as your office or retail store grows, is the system able to grow with it? What if you need renovations done and your office space gets converted into a waiting area? What if you have a wall taken down and more sunlight is able to enter the room? Your retrofits must offer flexibility so you won’t have to spend again and again on your lighting system when change happens.

Automation Is a Must

Lighting for businesses should designed with simplicity and ease of control in mind. The good news is that automation has made it easier for business owners and managers to control their lights. With a centralized switch or even an app on a mobile device, you can control your light’s brightness, color, and even set a schedule for them to switch on and off. No more worrying about leaving the lights on over the weekend, walking into a dark room during the start of the day, and going up and down the facility to make sure you turned off every single bulb.

Integrate Sensor Systems

Consider sensors as the eyes of your facility. Most modern retrofits are compatible with sensors so it’s easy to integrate them into the system. They give more power-saving features as they only turn the lights on when needed and can even be used as a data collecting system. Halls, outdoor areas, parking spaces, and warehouses will be easier to illuminate, enhancing safety and visibility.

Keep these tips in mind when making improvements to your lighting systems.

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